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  • Water Soluble Contrast Enema (Contrast Enema): A series of X-rays taken of the large intestine after a liquid solution of barium has been put into the large intestine via enema.
  • WBC: See White Blood Cell.
  • WBC with Diff: See White Blood Cell Count with Differential.
  • Wheal: A raised bump on the skin. When associated with skin prick testing (SPT), wheals are often measured to assess the response to a specified allergen.
  • White Blood Cell (WBC): A type of blood cell that is involved in the immune system response to invading organisms (bacteria, virus or parasite). The different types of white blood cells include basophils, neutrophils, lymphocytes, eosinophils and monocytes.
  • White Blood Cell Count with Differential (WBC with Diff): A type of blood test in which the total number of white blood cells in a measured amount of blood are counted, and then each of the different types of white blood cells are counted and listed separately in the test results. This is more routinely referred to as a CBC with Diff, and includes RBC/HGB/HCT/Platelets.